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Surveys and Assessments

As a supplement to discussions with our students regarding their personal and academic driven college selection parameters, the following surveys and assessments typically taken by our students in the Spring semester of Sophomore year provide additional insight and context in determining colleges which provide the best possible “Fit”. The results of each survey and assessment are reviewed with each student in order to collaboratively determine the appropriate “Fit” factors which are used to generate a list of “target” colleges and universities for further review and visitation.

College Students

The College Match Self Survey

This survey was created by Dr. Steven Antonoff, a renowned independent educational consultant, author, instructor, and presenter with over 35 years of experience as a leader in education. In this self-survey, students rate 80 short statements about their educational attitudes, goals, and perspectives. As they score their responses, students will gain a clearer sense of their learning style, enthusiasm for school, independence, career orientation, and much more.

AchieveWorks Assessments Suite 

AchieveWorks Personality, AchieveWorks Intelligences, AchieveWorks Skills and AchieveWorks Learning & Productivity — help individuals gain a deeper understanding of who they are and how they might utilize their unique talents and abilities to their fullest potential. Each assessment includes a comprehensive, personalized report that provides affirming feedback that can truly enable the student to define situational and behavioral examples that demonstrate each concept that has been verified in their report. Those basic ideas can then be expanded and related to the individual’s current goals and aspirations and how interests, values, skill sets, natural gifts, personality traits, passions, career goals, complementary environments and organizational compatibility can affect their decisions.

College Students
Studying on the Grass

The 10-Step Campus Culture Quiz

This straightforward survey focuses on determining the best campus culture “Fit” for each student, the place where they can relax enough to feel confident as they live and learn at their best. College Cultures are categorized as either Collegiate, Intellectual, Creative, Professional or Activist. College culture is the heart of student life on campus.  

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