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Depending upon the Service Level selected by the client, Career Connexxions will proviide some or all of the following Services and Creative Materials.

Scope of Services


  • Presentation of a Basic Action Plan to provide direction through all aspects of your job search campaign.

  • Creation of a Customized Action Plan to provide specific and task-oriented guidance through all aspects of your job search campaign.

  • Enhancement or Creation of your LinkedIn Profile with a profile update document containing the proper content and instructions on updating your settings for enhanced exposure.

  • Creation of one or more of the following Resumes:

    • Application Resume. ATS ready document that showcases your top transferrable skills and accomplishments.

    • Interview "Leave-Behind" Resume. A leave-behind that contains all your relevant content necessary to tell a deeper story about your qualifications beyond your Application resume.

    • Marketing Resume – A broad, one-page document that is used as an introductory document particularly when transitioning from one industry to another.

    • Digital Resume – A plain-text ATS-friendly document which can be used in lieu of the Application resume.

    • Executive Biography. Used when going for VP and C-level positions where Board approval and interviews by C-level executives are likely to be a part of the process.

  • Presentation of relevant networking, prospecting and marketing Letter Templates for many situations you may encounter.

  • Creation of Customized Content for networking, prospecting and marketing emails and letters that address key situations you could encounter including some or all of the following:

    • Sending directly to key decision makers in companies and recruiting, VC and Private equity firms without a resume.

    • Networking with people who know you.

    • Responding to openings.

    • Sending to growing companies.

    • Confirming and thanking references.

    • Networking with alumni.

    • Follow up after a job application.

    • Follow up after previous communications.

    • Sending on your behalf by selected third parties.

  • Creation of Account-Based Micro-Marketing Email Content. Templates for use in custom campaigns to reach out to core decision makers within businesses based on business intel and disclosed organizational changes (engaging the unpublished market).

  • Access to the CareerShift job hunting and career management portal.

  • Providing ongoing advice, direction and support on:

    • Uncovering unpublished job opportunities.

    • Proven tactics to follow to facilitate your success.

    • Strategy development (positioning, targeting).

    • Getting interviews (contacts, advice, approaches).

  • Interviewing and Salary Negotiating advice, guidance and preparation.

  • On-going Personal Support via Zoom, phone and email.

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