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College Connexxions Consultations Services to High School Students

College Connexxions offers a series of consultation services to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors, Community or Junior College students seeking to transfer, as well as college students seeking post-graduate degrees. Each student has different needs and each high school offers different levels of support.


Our services are designed to enhance the support already available through the high school guidance program, and to empower students and families to navigate the college admissions process with success. We provide the much needed personal time and support for students and families, with the goal of reducing the anxiety and stress that too often accompany the college admissions process.

Initial Meeting - Free Consultation

Student Assessment

This is an opportunity for parents and student to learn more about who we are, what we do and how we can be of benefit to your family during the college admissions process. It is also a time for us to learn about the student and all of the family, school, social and lifestyle aspects that make up who he or she is, as well as his or her initial goals and objectives. This mutual information gathering will enable us to provide some specific insights and suggestions to better enable parents and student to determine if College Connexxions is the right fit.

Once College Connexxions has been engaged, we will conduct a thorough review of the student’s profile and credentials. By doing so, we can plot a course to follow during the college search process that is customized to the student’s needs, goals, desires and ability. If he or she is a student with special needs, we will develop an action plan that appropriately accommodates the situation.

College Connexxions College and University Matching
College & University Matching
College Choice

There are a number of factors that need to be considered in the determination of which colleges to apply to, primary of which are academic interests, location, campus environment, athletics, social life, and post-graduate opportunities. We assist in the preliminary research and then provide guidance to help narrow down college choices to the ones that meet the needs and goals of the student as well as provide the best opportunity for admission.


Students with Special Needs

Students with learning or other types of disabilities or special circumstances are welcomed by College Connexxions. We have the experience as well as internal and external resources that cater to the specific needs of these students.

Curriculum Planning

One of the critical factors in college admission is a student’s grades in the courses that best prepare him or her for the college major he or she is considering as well those that meet the requirements of the college or university. We evaluate the student’s course of study to date and recommend courses that are necessary and appropriate.

College Visit

College visits can achieve two important goals…seeing and getting to know about the environment the student will be living in and providing the college or university an additional data point that can be used in their evaluation of the student. We will help the student plan the college visits, suggesting appropriate times and people to visit with. We will also help the student prepare for on or off-campus interviews with designated representatives of the institution.

College Interview

Some colleges require interviews, others encourage them and many don’t even offer them. Interviews take on one of two forms, evaluative or informative. The former becomes one of the data points used by the school in its admissions decision process while the latter is solely to provide the student with answers to questions he or she may have about the school. College Connexxions will help the student prepare for the interview.

Post Acceptance

Once the student has received admissions acceptances from the colleges or universities, we will provide appropriate advice and recommendations in accordance with the wishes of the parents and student. This is a very personal decision that will affect the student’s college and post-graduate life, and one which College Connexxions respects. Therefore, we leave the decision-making process to the family, unless we are invited to participate. Of course, we will provide guidance regarding the administrative and logistical aspects of the actual admission process.

College Connexxions College Application Process

College Application Process

College Application


The initial step in the formal college application process is the completion and submission of an application form, either designed specifically for the particular school or what is known as the Common Application. The latter enables the student to provide all of his or her basic information in one form that can be submitted electronically to those schools accepting that form of application. Many schools also require supplemental forms to be submitted along with the Common Application.

The importance of appropriately completing and timely filing the college application cannot be stressed enough. In conjunction with the essay, it is the defining document of a student’s admission to a college or university and one that will have the most immediate impact on the college admission process. It defines the student’s achievements and aspirations and distinguishes him or her from the competition.

College Connexxions advises, monitors, and evaluates throughout the student’s preparation of the college application, ensuring that the best possible picture is painted about the student. This process covers the application itself and all accompanying documents necessary for its submission – transcripts, essays, brag sheets, letters of recommendation, references, portfolios, etc.

College Essay

Almost every college requires that one or sometimes more essays be written and submitted along with whatever form of application is accepted. Topics can either be assigned by the school, selected from a list designated by the school, or solely determined by the student, as established by the school.

The essay is a “snapshot of the student’s soul.” The essence of the student and the one factor that might sway the final decision of the college admissions office could very well be contained in the essay required as part of the college application. Based on our overall understanding and assessment of the student, we will make recommendations regarding essay topics and edit the essay to ensure that it is appropriate and completely and accurately portrays who the student is.



These are required in all applications. At the student’s request, the high school guidance office will forward a copy of the transcript (containing all courses taken by the student and the final grades received in those courses) to each of the schools to which the student has applied.


Standardized Test Preparation


Another critical factor in college admission decisions is the student’s score on the standardized test that he or she has opted to take. Determining which test to take and which test preparation courses to consider are decisions we help parents and students make.

These are also required in all applications. The student must request that the testing agency (College Board for SAT scores or ACT for ACT scores) submit the scores to the schools to which he or she has applied. College Connexxions will help the student determine which standardized test should be taken and then submitted.



Most schools will ask for recommendations from the student’s guidance counselor as well as from one or more academic teachers. The general nature of the substance or content of the recommendation may be defined by the school. We will discuss with the student who best to ask for a recommendation.

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