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College Connexxions makes available to its clients the CareerShift job hunting and career management solution to support its service and creative materials offerings. CareerShift helps job seekers access the 70% of jobs that are never published on public job boards. Recognizing that who you know is critical and many job seekers have limited networks, CareerShift levels the job playing field by providing equitable access to job opportunities.

Winner of the prestigious Career Innovator Award, CareerShift breaks the cycle of waiting for employers to contact you and puts you in control of your job search. CareerShift provides a powerful set of job search, organization, and management tools to enable job seekers to find the companies, jobs, and contacts that will advance their careers.

CareerShift Benefits



  • Dynamic job, contact and employer search

  • Targeted results

  • Organizational Tools

  • Pro-active career management for the journey

MY JOBS finds every job posted. The CareerShift search tool returns results from all publicly posted places. Search, save and organize all the relevant jobs that meet your search criteria. Create job alerts.

MY CONTACTS makes networking with people and companies easy! Find, save and organize lists of companies and contacts from companies and organizations. CareerShift’s patent-pending software technology provides information about millions of businesses and contacts, including cross-referenced job postings.

MY DOCUMENTS manages all of your documents. CareerShift provides you with document Wizards for creating Resumes, Cover Letters, or any other business document you may need. You can also upload your own documents, for easy access from any location, at any time.

MY CAMPAIGNS is your communication tool. Send your resume to your selected companies and contacts by email. CareerShift automatically tracks your communications in your folders Keep relevant notes so you can stay on top of your job search.

MY CALENDAR allows you to set appointments, events, and other reminders. Whenever a Campaign is completed, CareerShift automatically sends you a reminder email so that you can follow up with prospective employers.

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