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College Connexxions Changing Admissions Requirements

The College Admissions Environment

Increases in the number of seniors applying for college and the applications each of them submit has intensified the competitive environment encompassing the college admissions process. Constantly changing admissions requirements, particularly those attributable to the COVID-19 pandemic, have introduced significant confusion to that process. Add to this the academic, curricular, aesthetic and social differences between colleges and universities, and you have a process that can become quite onerous and stressful.

College Connexxions Admissions Counseling Information for Parents

College Admissions Counseling Information for Parents

The implications of the decisions you and your child need to make during the college admissions process are myriad. For example, what colleges can you afford to send your child to… where does he or she fit the best academically or socially… will his or her colleges of choice provide the best path to postgraduate study or employment opportunities?

A review of our Services will provide you with an understanding of the tangibles that College Connexxions provides.

But what about the intangibles that are equally as important?

  • Providing you and your child with a thorough understanding of the college admissions process to relieve you of some of the anxiety you may have. 

  • Ensuring an ongoing attentive ear to get a deeper understanding of who your child really is and what he or she is seeking from his or her college experience. 

  • Always being available to listen and advise at the time important decisions need to be made. 

  • Instilling and strengthening the confidence your child needs to successfully get through this process. 

  • Utilizing the extensive relationships that have been cultivated over the years with Deans of Admission and their staff at numerous colleges and universities to provide valuable insights and support. 

  • Developing a personalized action plan that is understandable and easy to follow to help relieve you and your child of the stress that this process can impart, making it much more enjoyable and exciting. 

College Connexxions College Admissions Counseling Information for Students
College Admissions Counseling Information for Students

The college admissions process is a time of reflection, decision and action. You need to take a personal assessment of what is really important to you and then make the sometimes difficult choices needed to convert your desires into reality. 

Some of the things you need to consider and act upon? What high school courses should I take to make my transcript the best it can be…what extracurricular activities should I participate in to make me a more attractive candidate…which colleges should I apply to…how do I complete the college application…should I go Early Decision or Early Action…what topic should I choose for my essay and what should I say…what do I need to do to prepare for college visits and interviews. The list goes on and on. 

At College Connexxions we work with you and your parents to provide the best advice and direction we can to guide you in making these hard decisions. We help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, your needs and desires, and your special circumstances. Based on that, we then help you determine which colleges are the best fit for you and devise and implement an action plan that helps you achieve your goal. 

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